Diving Holidays

White desert Safari

Duration: 9 days
2 nights in Cairo + 5 nights in desert oases + 1 night in Luxor
A desert safari takes you through an endless stunning range of desert landscapes coupled with scenic sunsets and starry night skies. Walk along mud houses and ancient ruins in Egyptian desert oases. Shop for locally made crafts and meet Bedouins who perpetuate centuries-old traditions. The Egyptian desert is one of those mystical places where regular living practices "normal life" are suspended or absent, a place where water access is everything and land ownership is nothing.

Cairo: in the footsteps of the pharaohs

Day 1: Arrival
Le Caire
Regular flight to Cairo, where you will be met by our friendly staff at the airport, who will help you with customs formalities. Transfer to hotel, check-in and overnight.
Day 2: Tutankhamun
la citadelle
After breakfast, you will visit the pyramids and the sphinx with your private guide. Then, you will continue to the famous Egyptian museum where the golden mask of Tutankhamun is located. In one of the oldest markets in the world, the Khan El Khali bazaar, you could buy Egyptian souvenirs and enjoy a typical cup of tea at the famous Café Elfishawy. .
Day 3:Al-Bahariya Oasis
Oasis de Bahariya
After breakfast, your trip in the desert begins with the oasis of Bahariya, "the valley of gold" or "valley of the golden mummies", which after the recent discovery of the golden mummies has become a tourist magnet. Generous springs make the oasis a green island in the sea of sand. You will experience the hot springs, the palm grove and of course visit the exhibition of the famous golden mummies. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

The world famous natural sculpture park

Day 4: Farafra Oasis
Oasis de Farafra
On the way to the small Farafra oasis you will pass the black desert (named after its black basalt rock) and the crystal mountain. During a walk in the white desert, you will see countless limestone formations strangely shaped by the wind and the sand which seem to rise from the ground. Overnight in a tent.
Day 5: El Qasr
El Qasr
After breakfast, visit the original local museum, then continue through the western desert until the so called most beautiful Egyptian oasis. Visit the main town of Dakhla, El Qasr, and take a stroll through the narrow streets of this ancient clay colony.
Day 6: Stone monastery
Deir El Hajar
Visit to Deir El Hajar, the "stone monastery", a temple of the Roman Empire, which was later inhabited by Christian monks. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Shells, snails, ammonites, corals, springs, crystal mountains

Day 7: Great oasis of Kharga (Douch)
Deir El Hajar
Visit the temple of Hibis (Hebet), the most famous of the monuments of the oases because of its size, its state of conservation and its date: it is the only temple of Persian era of large dimensions in Egypt. Also visit the Kharga Cultural Museum, for an overview of the antiques found in the oases of Kharga and Dakhla. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Day 8: Luxor
After breakfast, transfer by road to Luxor in the desert. In the afternoon you will arrive in Luxor. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Day 9: Back home
Our assistant will take you to Luxor airport after breakfast, for your domestic flight to Cairo. In Cairo, our representative on site will meet you and take care of customs formalities for your return flight.