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Dahabiya sailboat Nile cruise

Duration: 8 days
7 nights sailboat cruise on the Nil (Luxor / Aswan)

Discover Egypt with the luxurious Dahabiya

An exclusive way to travel in Egypt (max. 14 people / 7 cabins)

Egypt offers a rich cultural experience spanning thousands of years of history and these ancient traditions are still alive. Enter the vestibules of Antiquity, explore the ancient Egyptian temples, tombs and other monuments. Lose the notion of time and let yourself be seduced by the ancient Egyptian myths at the sound and light shows at the temples of Philae or Abu Simbel.
 Arrivée à Louxor
Day 1: Arrival
Regular flight to Cairo, then about an hour of domestic flight to Luxor. At the airport, your guide will receive you and transfer you to your Dahabiya with its Egyptian atmosphere, its tastefully decorated and fully furnished cabins.
Temple d'Hatchepsout
Day 2: Temple of Hatshepsut
After breakfast, our team will accompany you to the Valley of the Kings and Queens, and the temple of Hatshepsut, Deir El Bahari, on the west bank of the Nile. Dinner and overnight on board.
Magnifique paysage du Nil
Day 3: Magnificent Nile landscape
Through a magnificent landscape of the Nile, start the navigation towards Aswan. During lunch on board, the ship heads for the lock of Esna. You will receive dinner while sailing. Dinner and overnight on board.
dîner au grill égyptien
Day 4: Egyptian grilled dinner
While enjoying your lunch, your journey continues towards EL Kab, one of the oldest cities in Egypt, today in ruins (donkey ride). The journey continues to Edfu. In the afternoon, visit the HORUS temple in Edfu. In the evening, an Egyptian grilled dinner is served. Overnight at Fawaza Island.
le souk animé d'Assouan
Day 5: Stones for the temples
Sailing to Gebel El Silsila, where the stones of the Egyptian temples were mined. After the excursion, you will arrive in the evening at the anchorage place for the night on one of the smaller islands of the Nile.
Dîner sur le pont
Day 6: Dinner on board
Visit the temples of SEBEK and HAROERIS in Kom Ombo after breakfast. The sailing trip continues to Aswan. Dinner on board will be served at sunset.
L'île Éléphantine
Day 7: Elephantine Island
Today, you visit the high dam (Lake Nasser dam), the granite quarries with the unfinished obelisk and Elephantine Island, then possibility of visiting with a small sailing boat "felucca" if the wind permits, the Kitchener Island with its botanical garden.
Day 8: Return flight
Transfer to the airport for the return flight. Your travel assistant will take care of the customs formalities for your return flight.
Boissons chaudes égyptiennes
Egyptian hot drinks
Yansun (anise), Zangabil (ginger), Karawiya (caraway), Schai bel naana (mint tea), schai bel urunfil (clove tea), Qirfa (cinnamon).