Diving Holidays

OSIRIS Travel Program

Duration: 11 days
2 nights in Cairo + 5 nights Nile sailing boat cruise (Dahabiya) + 3 nights lake Nasser cruise
Le Caire
Day 1: Arrival
Your journey with unforgettable high-quality excursions, during which you will discover the secrets of the 7000-year-old history of ancient Egypt. On your arrival in Cairo by regular flight, you are greeted by your guide. Private transfer to your hotel in Cairo.
Le célèbre musée égyptien
Day 2: The famous Egyptian museum
Breakfast at the hotel. Today our guide will pick you up for an excursion to the pyramids and the sphinx. Then you will continue to the famous Egyptian museum. Lunch is during the tour.
Deir El Bahari
Day 3: Deir El Bahari
When you arrive in Luxor, our on-site assistant will pick you up. Embark on your sailboat (Dahabiya), then visit the temples of Karnak and Luxor. After lunch, our team will accompany you to the Valley of the Kings and Queens, and the temple of Hatshepsut, Deir El Bahari, on the west bank of the Nile.
EL Kab, balade à dos d'âne
Day 4: El Kab, Donkey ride
n the morning, your Dahabiya will sail to Esna lock. Continue your trip to EL Kab, one of the oldest cities in Egypt, now in ruins (donkey ride). The journey continues towards Edfu. After lunch, visit the HORUS temple in Edfu. Enjoy an Egyptian barbecue dinner tonight.
Gebel EL Silsila
Day 5: Gebel El Silsila
Sailing to Gebel El Silsila, where the stones of the Egyptian temples were mined. After the excursion, you will continue south for the night on an island off Kom Ombo.
Day 6: Temple of SEBEK and HAROERIS
After breakfast, visit the temples of SEBEK and HAROERIS in Kom Ombo. The sailing trip will continue to Aswan. Lunch, dinner on board.
Great Souk aux épices
Day 7: Spices of the great Souk of Aswan
Discover today the enjoyment of the main market of Aswan extending approximately on seven streets parallel to the river. The bazaar is full of Egyptian and African products. Traders sell a wide variety of goods there: perfumes, scented oils, lamps, linen and silk sheets, spices and also Nubian objects.
Barrage du lac Nasser
Day 8: Lake Nasser dam
Today you will visit the Aswan High Dam (Lake Nasser Dam), the unfinished obelisk and the Elephantine Island. In the afternoon, you will head to Abu Simbel for boarding on your Lake Nasser cruise. Enjoy your fascinating journey on the Nile of Lake Nasser from Abu Simbel to Aswan.
Temple de RAMSES II
Day 9: RAMSES II Temple
Today you will visit the great temple of RAMSES II, which had to be moved due to the construction of the Nasser Lake reservoir. A visit to the temple of NEFERTARI, the most important woman of RAMSES II, is also on the program.
Quatre chapelles rocheuses
Day 10: Four rock chapels
Today, you will visit the four rock chapels of Kasr Ibrim, the temples of TUTMOISIS III and AMENOPIS II in Amada and the rock temple of El Derr. The temples of AMUN and RE HARACHTE are also worth visiting. You could also visit the reconstructed Dakka temples of AMUN by PNUBS and TEFNUT. Continue to Aswan.
Cônes de parfum sur la tête
Day 11: Return journey
In the morning, flight to Cairo. Our on-site assistant will take care of all the formalities for your return flight.
Cônes de parfum sur la tête
Perfume cones on the head
As for the use of perfumes and ointments or tradition perfumes, who better than the pharaohs used them. "Susinum" was based on the scent of lilies with myrrh and cinnamon in balanos oil. "Mendesian" was a mixture of myrrh, cassia and various types of rubber and resin soaked in oil and named after the ancient city of Mendes.