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Nile Cruise and Red Sea Beach Vacation

Duration: 14 days
7 nights Nile Cruise (from Luxor) + 7 nights beach hotel in Red Sea

Nile cruise with first class premium ships and a vacation in the best hotels on the most beautiful beaches of the Red Sea

Elegant hotels on the beach await you for a holiday full of rest and relaxation.

Day 1: Arrival
Direct flight to Cairo, then domestic flight to Luxor (about an hour). Upon arrival in Luxor, you will be taken care of by our friendly staff who will help you with customs formalities and then transfer to your 5 star boat on the Nile. In the evening, you could discover Luxor by yourself.
Temple le plus saint
Day 2: Complex of the most sacred Temple
After breakfast, you will visit the Karnak religious complex with the most holy of temples: the Great Temple of Amun. The visit continues towards the city center on the Nile promenade, to Luxor Temple, dedicated to King Amon. The temples of Luxor and Karnak are connected by a kilometer-long avenue of sphinxes. The mighty door towers and columns of the great hall of the Karnak temple are particularly impressive. In the afternoon, the journey continues via Esna to Kom Ombo. Meals and overnight on board.
Dieu à tête de crocodile
Day 3: God with a crocodile head
Early in the morning, the journey continues towards Kom Ombo at the impressive perfectly symmetrical temple, dedicated to two gods: Sobek and Haroëris. Sobek, crocodile-headed god. Haroëris, falcon-headed god crowned with the solar disk. The images of the two gods are immortalized on the reliefs of the temple. You will also see the mummies of the revered animal, at the crocodile museum. Continue to Aswan and overnight in Aswan.
Croisière sur le Nil au départ d'Assouan
Day 4: Agilika Island
Today, about eight kilometers south of Aswan, you take a motorboat to the island of Agilika to the temple of Philae (Hut-chenti, house of the beginning). The impressive temple is dedicated to the patron goddess, the pearl of the Nile: ISIS.
le souk animé d'Assouan
Day 5: Souk of Aswan
Full day in Aswan to rest or visit the bustling souk of Aswan. Or take a tour of Abu Simbel, which can be booked with your guide, to visit two of the most impressive temples of Egypt, the great temple of Ramses II and the small temple of his wife Nefertari. Continue to Edfu. Overnight in Edfu.
le magnifique paysage archaïque
Day 6: Beautiful landscape of the Nile
After visiting the temple of Edfu in the morning, relax on the sun terrace of your ship and let yourself be carried away by the magnificent archaic landscape along the Nile. Your cruise descends the Nile to Luxor via the Esna lock.
La vaste vallée des rois
Day 7: The vast valley of kings
After breakfast, with your private guide you go to Thebes West on the west bank of the Nile, to the vast Valley of the Kings and the Queens where the royal tombs, the eternal residences of the pharaohs are established. The tomb of Tutankhamun is probably the most famous of the 62 royal tombs discovered to date. After, visit the temple of Hatshepsut, the most photographed monument. This 3-level Deir el-Bahari complex, located in a picturesque basin, represents the best-preserved temple making it a beautiful terraced temple.
Vacances à la plage
Day 8: Beach Hotel
After breakfast, transfer to Luxor airport for your flight to Sharm El Sheikh via Cairo or private transfer from Luxor to Hurghada or El Quseir or Marsa Alam. (Please look at our range of beach hotels and choose the accommodation that best suits you. Please let us know if your choice is not on our list.)
Vacances à la plage
Day 9: Warm atmosphere
Start your beach vacation with a delicious buffet breakfast, after which you could spend the whole day on the beach to sunbathe. In the evening you could expect a delicious buffet dinner with a large choice of high quality dishes in a cozy atmosphere.
offres de sports nautiques
Day 10: Water sports offers
Discover the magnificent sandy beach under your feet and the breathtaking view of the vast Red Sea, undoubtedly the most suitable way to relax. Various water sports could be booked with our representative on site to make your beach vacation even more enjoyable.
vacances à la plage
Day 11: Perfect beach vacation
The beach, sport, nature and the relaxing atmosphere make a great and perfect beach vacation. A comfortably and nicely furnished room awaits you after a long day on the beach to prepare for dinner. The friendly and courteous Egyptian staff look forward to seeing you again at the restaurant.
Hébergement de haute qualité
Day 12: High quality accommodation
Take advantage of our choice of resorts with high quality accommodation, the best restaurants, swimming pool, leisure activities, water sports and of course directly on the beach. The kitchen of your Resort offers various local and international specialties in open buffet style.
Excursions à Hurghada
Day 13: Activities and excursions
In addition to the beautiful sandy beaches and clean water for swimming, you have the possibility to book an incomparable range of activities and excursions with our local representative.
Excursion en aquamarine
Day 14: Possible excursions
Snorkeling excursion in Giftun National Park, sliding cable and water park, quad adventure at sunrise and lots more...
Vacances à la plage à Hurghada
Day 15: Return journey home
Our on-site assistant will take you to the airport and finish all the flight and customs formalities needed for your return flight.