Diving Holidays

HORUS Travel Program

Duration: 8 days
2 nights in Cairo + 2 nights in Abu Simbel + 3 nights Nile cruise
Croisière sur le Nil
Day 1: Arrival
Regular flight to Cairo. Arrival in Cairo, you will be greeted at the airport by our friendly staff on site, who will help you with customs formalities. Transfer to the hotel, check-in and overnight stay.
Croisière sur le Nil
Day 2: Pyramids, Sphinx, Museum
Today, you will be taken care of by your private guide for an excursion to the pyramids and the sphinx. Then you will continue to the famous Egyptian museum. Lunch is during the tour.
Upon arrival at Abu Simbel Airport, you will be met by our local assistant and transferred to your hotel in Abu Simbel. Here you will visit the large temple of RAMSES II, which had to be moved due to the construction of the reservoir of Lake Nasser.
Ville nubienne d'Abou Simbel <
Day 4: Nubian city of Abu Simbel
Enjoy the Nubian city of Abu Simbel, which has only 2,000 inhabitants. This place in the Nubia region is of immense renown for its rock temples, which in the 13th century BC were built in honor of King Ramses II and his wife Nefertari.
barrage du lac Nasser
Day 5: Lake Nasser dam
In the morning, flight from Abu Simbel to Aswan, where you will visit the Aswan High Dam (Lake Nasser dam), the unfinished obelisk and the ISIS temple near Philae. Boarding the cruise and after lunch, you could book a "Felucca" excursion on the Nile with your local guide. During the night, your ship will sail to Kom Ombo.
temple HORUS
Day 6: HORUS Temple
In the morning visit the temple of the gods SOBEK and HAROERIS. The navigation continues towards Edfu. After a carriage ride, visit the HORUS temple. Your cruise descends the Nile to Luxor via the Esna lock.
After breakfast, you will visit the temples of Karnak and Luxor on the east bank of the Nile. With the private guide, you will continue after lunch to visit the Valley of the Kings and the Queens, as well as the temple of HATSCHEPSUT, on the West bank of the Nile.
voyage de retour
Day 8: Return journey
In the morning, flight to Cairo. Our on-site assistant will take care of the formalities for your return flight.
Cuisine végétarienne
Vegetarian cuisine
For centuries, Egyptians have made from vegetables growing in the fertile valley of the Nile their food, which made the Egyptian cuisine a vegetarian cuisine.
FOOL: thick porridge made from brown beans that have been cooked for hours, seasoned with lemon, various spices, oil and sometimes tomatoes and sesame sauce.
TAAMIA: crispy balls of vegetables (beans and dried beans) ground then fried.