Diving Holidays

Anubis Travel Program

Duration: 8 days
1 night Luxor + 4 nights Nile cruise + 2 nights Aswan
Departure to Luxor
Day 1: Departure
Regular flight to Cairo. Upon arrival, you will be received by your local guide, a short domestic flight to Luxor (duration approximately 1 hour). Transfer to your hotel.
Valley of the Kings
Day 2: Valley of the Kings
Embark on your cruise to Luxor, the harem of God! Enjoy a private guide visit to the temples of Karnak and Luxor with their unique structures on earth, of the funeral palaces of the Valley of the Kings and Queens, and of the Temple monument of the ancient Egyptian queen Hatshepsut.
Temple of Horus
Day 3: Temple of Horus
Nowhere else on our planet will you experience miracles !!. The next stop at your luxury floating hotel will be ESNA; Higher up the river is the next EDFU quay, whose temple is dedicated to the falcon-headed god HORUS.
The temple of Kom Ombo
Day 4: The temple of Kom Ombo
Today you will visit KOM OMBO with its temple of perfectly symmetrical architecture dedicated to two deities SOBEK the crocodile, and HAROERIS the hawk.
Temple of the goddess ISIS
Day 5: Temple of the goddess ISIS
The turning point of your cruise is Aswan: Here you will visit Philae, the temple of the Egyptian goddess ISIS, as well as the mausoleum of Aga Khan and the magnificent botanical garden !.
Unspoiled nature
Day 6: Unspoiled nature
Enjoy the spectacular service during your stay at the hotel and the beauty of the unspoiled nature in Aswan that you will remember for many years to come.
Day 7: Free at your disposal
Today you have the day free to explore the city on your own and enjoy a delicious oriental lunch or book with your guide on site a trip to Abu Simbel and enjoy the desert landscapes and ancient monuments.
Return journey from Luxor
Day 8: Return
In the morning, return flight via Cairo. Our on-site assistant will take care of formalities for your return flight.
Extend your stay!
Spontaneously reserve a few days of beach vacation on the most beautiful beaches in Egypt and stay longer in the sun.