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Dahabiya Nile Cruise

First class service and unforgettable excursions

Your personalized tours

Private Guide and Private Transfer

Discover Egypt while enjoying a luxury Nile cruise.

A fascinating journey on one of the most beautiful and famous rivers in the world.

    Croisières de luxe sur le Nil
    Luxury Nile Cruises

    Expect top-notch amenities, first-class service, and unforgettable excursions on your cruise. The luxury selection

    Croisières sur le lac Nasser
    Cruises on Lake Nasser

    Take a cruise on Lake Nasser and enjoy a visit to the temples of Nubia: Mandoulis, Qertassi and the Temple of Abu Simbel.

    Voilier Dahabiya
    The Nile by sailboat "Dahabiya"

    Holidays in Egypt aboard a Dahabiya, between Luxor and Aswan, with private guide and transfer. Exclusive means of travel in Egypt.

    Croisière sur le Nil et vacances à la plage
    Cruise and seaside vacations

    A combination of a Nile cruise and a Red Sea beach vacation guarantees unforgettable moments. enjoy it !!

Choose one of our exclusive 7 to 14 day tours

Cleopatra Travel

We guarantee that this holiday experience in Egypt will remain unforgettable for a long time.

    Horus Travel Program
  • Horus Travel Program
    (8 days / 7 nights)
  • 1 night in Luxor
  • + 4 nights Nile cruise
  • + 2 nights in Aswan
  • Regular return flights and domestic flights
  • from CHF 1'895.- per person

    Osiris Travel Program
  • Osiris Travel Program
    (10 jours / 9 nuits )
  • 2 nights in Cairo
  • + 3 nights Nile cruise
  • + 4 nights of beach vacation on the Red Sea
  • Regular return flights and domestic flights
  • from CHF 2'240.- per person

    Thoth Travel Program
  • Thoth Travel Program
    (14 jours / 13 nuits)
  • 2 nights in Cairo + 2 nights in Alexandria
  • + 4 nights Nile cruise
  • + 5 nights of beach vacation on the Red Sea
  • Regular return flights and domestic flights
  • from CHF 2'610.- per person

Personalized adventure travel with private guide and private transfers

The most beautiful tours across Egypt, which many of our clients particularly appreciate cultural tours and safaris.

    Study trips for students

    Study trips for students

    The practice of perfectly organized continuing education Study trips for students with first-class management and planning. Organization and coordination with the director of studies.
    Study trips with competent support.

    Cruise from Sharm El Sheikh

    Diving Holidays: Red Sea

    Experience an adventurous diving vacation, from one diving spot to another.
    Diving cruise and day trips to the most beautiful diving spots in the Red Sea.
    Enjoy everything without organizational worries.

    Honeymoon in Egypt<

    Honeymoon in Egypt

    Avec l'équipe de Cleopatra Travel et ses conseils compétents, vous pouvez planifier votre lune de miel de luxe individuellement, avec paix et plaisir.
    Nous travaillons avec les meilleurs hôtels de lune de miel d'Égypte , avec qui nous avons des offres exceptionnelles.